Understanding the Difference between Monthly and Daily Lenses

contact lenses propertiesMany people share the confusion regarding the difference between monthly and daily lenses. Quite often, the confusion turns into a problem when the time comes for them to start using these crucial visual aids. A clear understanding of the difference between the two should focus first on the duration of usage. As the name suggests, dailies are disposable on a daily basis. People who use this type only wear them for a few hours before removing and discarding them. As such, daily lenses cannot be reused. On the other hand, monthlies may be used at different intervals daily and throughout the month. The user inserts and removes them as often as the need arises before discarding them after a month.

Online Coupons For Frames Direct And My New Sunglasses

Too much concentrating and reading throughout the years have damaged my eyesight. I suffer from headaches from my damaged eyesight, so in order to function during the week, I need a good pair of eyeglasses to ease my headaches. I’ve been looking for a good website that sells eyeglasses with a plethora of eyeglasses that are, at the same time, high quality and fashionable. I’ve decided to try Coupons and Frames

Last week I ordered a new pair of prescription glasses. This time from As you know, buying prescription eyewear is not like buying something off the shelf. It generally involves a lot of important decision making such as selecting the lens, the frame, and of course trying on the finished product to ensure a proper fit. Even though it seems like a lot of work, sites like has made things easier for the general public. The website boasts a large collection of reasonably priced eyeglasses from reputed brands such Oakley, Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, ECO, Coach, Ray-Ban, and many more. If you have ever tried to order glasses online, chances are you have already stumbled upon The site is owned by Italian eyewear giant Luxottica, which happens to be the biggest eyewear company in the world.

My Zenni Optical Review and Promo Coupon I Used

I’ve learned the hard way that the sun’s UV rays don’t damage only the skin, but also the eyes. From now on, I wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection to protect my eyes. As summer is coming, I need more than one pair of sunglasses in case I lose or break one pair of sunglasses. I’ve decided to try Zenni Optical as Zenni has very enticing offer of glasses.

Will Your Smartphone Cause You Myopia?

myopia riseMyopia, also known as nearsightedness or shortsightedness, is an eye condition whereby things that are far from the eye are not clear, but they become clearer when near the eyes. That is a condition that is very common in today’s world. Especially with the young folks, who will hold their smartphones and tablets so close to their eyes.