Coupons and Frames

Last week I ordered a new pair of prescription glasses. This time from As you know, buying prescription eyewear is not like buying something off the shelf. It generally involves a lot of important decision making such as selecting the lens, the frame, and of course trying on the finished product to ensure a proper fit. Even though it seems like a lot of work, sites like has made things easier for the general public. The website boasts a large collection of reasonably priced eyeglasses from reputed brands such Oakley, Ralph Lauren, Eddie Bauer, ECO, Coach, Ray-Ban, and many more. If you have ever tried to order glasses online, chances are you have already stumbled upon The site is owned by Italian eyewear giant Luxottica, which happens to be the biggest eyewear company in the world.

To give you an idea how big the company really is the Luxottica group owns industry leading brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Persol. This makes the best place to find genuine products at great prices. Having said that, there are no shortages of online eyewear stores. Most of these sites feature amazing discount as well as great products. This is why I intend to take an in-depth look at to find out what makes this site different from its competitors.


When all the websites are selling near identical products one of the major deciding factors for an average consumer is the price. Like most other sites, you can use coupons and codes to secure an additional discount. The site itself has a separate sales section which displays all the eyewear available to you at a discount. Without further ado, here are all the different deals and discounts available at Discount For New Customers

Before you frantically start searching for discount codes from external sources, its best to check out the discounts and offers available on the main site. If you are a new user gives you a flat discount of 20% on spending $100 or more. There is no restriction on what you can buy. This gives you the freedom to pick any product featured on the site and still get the 20% discount.

Get Free Lenses For Select Sunglasses: People who wear corrective lenses always have to endure the additional cost of buying and fitting new lenses whenever they buy sunglasses. As a welcome relief, gives you free prescription lenses with select sunglasses. You can choose from a total selection of 82 sunglasses which include Ray-Ban, Coach, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Michael Kors, Burberry, and more. This offer is features right at the top left corner of the home page and requires no codes or coupons.

Get Up To 50% Discount On Select Eyewear: For all the discount lover out there, houses a dedicated sales section. Clicking on the “Sale” subsection under “Men” or “Women” opens up a collection of discounted products. To be honest, we found only a few products that were available at 50% discount. Mostly the discount ranged from 20 to 30%. There are a total of 144 different eyewear for men and women in this section including brands like Oakley, Smith Optics, Converse, Spy, Eco, Betsey-Johnson, and many more. Sadly we didn’t find any discount on brands like Armani and Ray-Ban. However, there were still some pretty good products available in the sale section. One that caught our eye was Spy Midtown Crosstown Collection. This great pair of sunglass is available at 25% discount which reduced its price from $129 to $97. The product has a hybrid metal and cellulose acetate collection which gives it a great look.

Coupons Obtained From External Sites: There are literally dozens of coupon codes available for the site through external sites. However, we took the liberty of screening out the bad ones and featured the ones that have success rate of 75% or higher.

RMN20: The promo code RMN20 entitles you for a flat 20$ discount on branded RX glasses. This particular code has a success rate of 100% and thus features first on our list.

Benefithub20: Try this coupon code next time you purchase something from the site as it delivers you a flat 20% discount for shopping worth $100 or more. coupons


To be brutally honest, no one really cares if a site is backed up by a large multinational company or not. People are more focused on product, service, and features of a particular website. In this respect, certainly does not disappoint. The site comes with a few very practical features. Let’s check them out individually.

They Make Their Own Lenses

Now, the obvious question here is “Why should I care if they make their own lenses?”. Well, you should for two basic reasons. Firstly making the lenses in-house ensures a faster delivery as there is no need to coordinate with other companies to procure them. More importantly, with their reputation directly at stake, enforces a stricter quality control process. Simply put, you get high-quality lenses delivered to you faster.

Virtual 3D Try-On

A huge chunk of the population still prefer to go to physical stores because they get the option to try on the different frames and sunglasses before shelling out their money. To deliver you the same convenience from the comfort of your home, brings Virtual Try-ons. For that, you need to download their app. The app takes multiple pictures of your face from various angles to create a 3D image. After that is done you can try on a huge collection of glasses and sunglasses. We must admit that we were impressed by the level of detail and accuracy the app delivered. The glasses look real and fit perfectly on the captured 3D face. This is a great solution and you should have no trouble zeroing in on the perfect pair. promo code

In-Home Try-On

If you are not convinced by the Virtual Try-on and want to see the glasses upfront then you have the option to do that as well. You can select the frames you want to try on and will send them to you for a free trial. The only thing is you have to keep your choices limited to 4 glasses or sunglasses at a time. However, considering the fact that they take care of the entire shipping and you get to try on the glasses from the comfort of your home, this is a pretty sweet deal.

Fun And Informative “How To” Section

This is an added bonus for anyone who wants to know more about how the site works. You can find the “How To Video” section under the “Explore” menu. It contains a series of videos that are not only fun but great for understanding the basics of how the site works. It covers vital topics such as how to upload your prescription and the best ways to care of lenses and frames. For a fun twist check out their video that shows you how to light a fire using your glasses.