My Zenni Optical Review and Promo Coupon I Used

I’ve learned the hard way that the sun’s UV rays don’t damage only the skin, but also the eyes. From now on, I wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection to protect my eyes. As summer is coming, I need more than one pair of sunglasses in case I lose or break one pair of sunglasses. I’ve decided to try Zenni Optical as Zenni has very enticing offer of glasses.

wind goggles 708121
Wind goggles 708121

On this website, I’ve bought sports sunglasses that perfectly fit my face. I’ve bought the wind goggles 708121. This sunglasses are very comfortable to wear as they have sponge at the end of the rims. Their anti-slip nose pads prevent the sunglasses from falling, which is important for me when I pick things up from the ground. I love their design with their rubber ornaments since they give me the sports look that I want.

I’ve bought this sunglasses as they protect my eyes from the wind and the sun’s UV rays. They fit in my pocket, and they are made of plastic, which is important to me as they don’t break if they fall on the ground. The price of this sunglasses is $28, but I’ve bought them using the Zenni optical promo code sunglass frames for $10.

The discounts from Zenni optical

The prices of sports sunglasses at Zenni Optical range from $20-$27. But there are lots of Zenni optical discount codes online, I’ve used the Zenni optical discount code that gives me 30% off of all of their eyeglasses. Using the many Zenni optical coupons, I’ve bought several glasses for very affordable prices from their site. The Zenni optical coupons include 15% off the price with email sign up, sunglass frames for $10, men’s lenses for 7$, free shipping for orders exceeding $75, etc.

zenni optical promo codeZenni optical sells more than just sports eyeglasses, including glasses according to gender, style, shape and material. So, they sell full rim, half rim, rimless glasses, classic glasses, geek, lightweight, retro, round, cat eye, browline even “personalizable” glasses. The prices of the glasses range from $6 up to $40 according to material, style, etc.

Zenni sells glasses according to everyone’s style and needs; everyone from young to old individuals can buy glasses; people who want a professional and people who want glasses according to a certain style can buy glasses at their. Zenni even makes it affordable for people to buy different glasses for different occasions with its discounts.

Here’s a great video by Matt Stevens explaining why traditional sunglasses are so super expensive and why it’s worth buying from Zenni and pay just a fraction of the price:

The prices at Zenni Optical

zenni couponsThe round and the cat eye glasses have pretty much the same prices from $12 to $25 whereas the browline and the geek glasses are more expensive, their prices go from $15 to $30. The metal glasses are more expensive than the plastic, and their prices ranges from $20 to $40.

If these prices are expensive for you, don’t worry as with Zenni optical promo codes, you can buy various glasses for $7 with the discount for eyeglass frames, women’s fashion lenses for $6, etc.

Zenni optical sells glasses internationally, so if you live outside of the US or Canada, you can order glasses from Zenni. The shipping costs are $5 for the US and Canada and $10 for countries outside of the US and Canada.

Zenni Optical’s Return Policy

zenni optical couponsThe return policy of is 30 days since you receive the glasses. If you don’t like the glasses or if you’ve made a mistake, the company accepts returns. In these two cases, you receive half of the price that you have paid for the glasses. If the glasses haven’t been used, you receive 100% money back guarantee. Zenni replaces broken glasses, or glasses that have been improperly produced by the manufacturer for free.

Zenni gives fair money back guarantee, so I am not worried if the glasses don’t turn out as I’ve wanted them to be. Since I buy glasses with discounts, I don’t feel ripped off in case something is wrong with my glasses.

Zenni’s History

Zenni optical was created to allow people who aren’t rich to afford good looking glasses. The firm was launched in 2003 in San Francisco and since then their rating has grown and now, they’ve become the number one online shop for optics online. As the prices of glasses are expensive, many people have turned to Zenni’s affordable offers. Not only the prices of glasses, but also the examinations at ophthalmologists are expensive. So Zenni has made it possible for people to measure their pupilary distance by themselves at home or with a friend with its video on how to measure pupilary distance.

Zenni Optical’s e-Shop

The user interface is very simple and easy to use. There are videos available that explain in detail how to buy at Zenni Optical, and how to repair your glasses if they break. I think that even the elders can use Zenni’s website without a lot of problems as everything is well explained.

After I’ve tried their glasses, my verdict is that it is a good website for buying cheap glasses that are good looking, made of quality materials, appropriate for people of any age, suitable for any profession or lifestyle. What I personally like the fact that the price of their glasses is reasonable, unlike other optics who sell the same type of glasses for prices three times bigger than at Zenni’s. So, if you can’t afford expensive sunglasses or if you need glasses with diopter, but you can’t afford glasses from the expensive optics, then Zenni Opticals is a good choice for you.

But if you want glasses produced by some of the biggest brands in the world, Zenni Optical is not for you. This vendor features glasses only for people who either don’t want or can’t afford expensive glasses. Nevertheless, the glasses provide with the same function as the expensive glasses. If you take care of your glasses, you will use Zenni Optical’s glasses for a long time. In case you break your glasses, you can use the return policy, or you can try to repair them yourself by following the video on their website on how to replace lenses in full rim lenses glasses.

I think that is a good web site as when I received my sunglasses, the sunglasses looked the same as on the picture. The discounts and promotions are not a scam. The company has a fair return policy and Zenni Optical offers celebrity style glasses for affordable prices. So Zenni optical is a good and a legit website for glasses.