Understanding the Difference between Monthly and Daily Lenses

contact lenses propertiesMany people share the confusion regarding the difference between monthly and daily lenses. Quite often, the confusion turns into a problem when the time comes for them to start using these crucial visual aids. A clear understanding of the difference between the two should focus first on the duration of usage. As the name suggests, dailies are disposable on a daily basis. People who use this type only wear them for a few hours before removing and discarding them. As such, daily lenses cannot be reused. On the other hand, monthlies may be used at different intervals daily and throughout the month. The user inserts and removes them as often as the need arises before discarding them after a month.

Size Difference

daily lensesDailies and monthlies differ significantly with regard to size. The daily ones are distinctively thinner than monthly ones. The thinness of the dailies makes it easier for the user to insert and remove them as compared to the monthly lenses. However, the size of the dailies often subjects them to the disadvantage of easy breaking and scratching. On the contrary, the thickness of the monthly lenses gives them the comparative advantage of durability. The relative thickness of the monthly lenses is usually ascribed to the element of quality and cost. In general, the monthlies are priced much higher than the daily lenses. However, cumulative cost of the daily lenses can surpass the price of the monthly lenses after some time.

The type of Users

month lensesIn another respect, the difference between the two types of visual aids is determined by the type of users. Usually, dailies are preferred by people who want to use them for particular moments for specific reasons. For example, an individual who visits the library for a few days in a week might choose dailies over monthlies. In the same way, a person intending to attend a seminar that lasts a few days could prefer dailies over the monthlies. On the other hand, monthlies are worn by people who need to use them nearly every day of their lives. A teacher or student with some form of visual impairment would opt for monthlies because the nature of their schedules requires the support of the items most of the time. However, some users pick between the two types out of preference and the aspect of comfort.

The Difference in the Material Used

Different types of materials are used to make dailies and monthlies. The monthlies are made of more rigid material than the dailies. The rigidity of the material gives the monthlies greater stability in correction at higher magnification as compared to the dailies. Therefore the monthlies are recommended for people with acute or complex magnification. The quality of materials used on the monthly lenses is ideal for individuals with multi-focal correction. Daily lenses are made of less rigid material, which makes them suitable for people with less complex visual impairment. Therefore, it is important for people to consider the factors of convenience and uniqueness of the visual problem before settling on the appropriate type.