tablets and myopia

Will Your Smartphone Cause You Myopia?

myopia riseMyopia, also known as nearsightedness or shortsightedness, is an eye condition whereby things that are far from the eye are not clear, but they become clearer when near the eyes. That is a condition that is very common in today’s world. Especially with the young folks, who will hold their smartphones and tablets so close to their eyes.

One thing that is never known is that, the more they hold the gadgets close to their eyes, the more they are increasing their condition. So the question comes in, do smartphones induce myopia? A direct answer to this question is, yes, they do. So how does this happen?

How smartphones and other gadgets induce myopia

This happens in stages or under specific conditions. Technically, there are several ways that the smartphones, iPads and iPhones will contribute to the myopia in a person. Here is a look at some of the conditions or situations;

• The LED beams

led screenTo begin with, the gadgets will use the LED, light-emitting diode screens. These LED screens will give out excess blue light. The blue light will have a greater energy and it also has a smaller wavelength. As a result, these lights will cause a photochemical damage to the eye. This will end up affecting the eye retina. The more the user stares or uses the gadget, the more the retina is damaged. This can finally cause the myopia to the user and if they use the phones even more, it can cause more problems.

• The blink rate effect

screen staringNormally, a person will blink at a rate of about 15 times in a minute. When a person blinks, the eyelids will sweep away the debris, which will refresh the surface of the eye, hence making it moist by forming new tears. When one is reading, the blink rate will be reduced to about 8 or 9 blinks in a minute. As a result, the eye will not be lubricated as frequent as such. It has also been discovered that when one is staring at the phone or laptop screen, they tend to open their eyes wider. This leads to more lights getting into the eye and in turn, it affects the retina slowly.

• The light condition

smartphone incudes myopiaAnother factor that leads to the myopia condition is the light condition. Normally, the computers, tablets and phones will have a brighter light, compared to the normal surrounding. When the light is too bright for the eyes, it can lead to defects of the eye and the most common is myopia. The constant contracting and dilating of the pupil will lead to some defects of the eye. This will be caused every time you switch your eyes from the screen to the surrounding.

So yes, the smartphones, along with other electrical devices with a screen, will induce myopia. This condition can get worse if the user is staring at the screen with bare eyes. The spectacles can help to limit the direct effect of the LED beams from the screen. The spectacles must be medicated and must also be light sensitive. This will help to control the harsh beams from affecting the eyes.