vickyMyopia is commonly described as a refractive error of the eye that affects vision by making close objects to appear clearly and far objects to appear blurry. Myopia has become more and more prevalent in the recent years and statistics show that in the U.S only, 30% of the population is affected by this condition. Myopia is usually corrected through the use of glasses, refractive surgery or contact lenses. As we have seen earlier there is quite a huge amount of people who have this condition and studies show that 14 trillion is spent annually on sunglasses and lenses.

If you are a nearsighted person you have probably of buying contacts or prescription glasses online but don’t know where to start. Here are the best places to get your glasses online today at a good price.


glasses comAs the world is moving forward in its technology, so is the eyesight technology advancing with it. Today you no longer have to visit an optician to get your glasses prescription fit. In fact count the number of things you have to accomplish in a day; your job, children, school and that side job that gets you some extra bucks plus trying to juggle up the traffic to get your new glasses…

Well glasses.com is there to cut you short the hustle. Do you have a laptop, pad, tablet or a smartphone? Then you are right on your way to acquiring your new glasses in a few minutes without inconveniencing any other task of the day.

Glasses.com stock some of the trendiest brands for glasses and the best thing is that it is a one stop shop. Are you in need of normal glasses, sunglasses, kid’s glasses, simply trendy? They have over 2500 trends of glasses, from vintage to gig, from sporty to sleek, from cat eye to executive and everything in between. Shopping with them you shouldn’t worry about shipping costs, they cater for that To top it up, they have partnered with Lens Crafters to offer free frame adjustments. At glasses.corn you shop full style for half the price. For glasses.com coupons click here.

See the unboxing and review video of a customer’s order:


zenni logoIt so happens that the time you need to change your glasses or have just been told that you need to start wearing some, is the time you are down financially. Look no further. Zenni optical offers some of the low prices glasses for everyone. The have men’s, women’s and kids glasses. And if you are young or young at heart and feel trendy, they have some of the different stylish brands in the market. Are you in need of progressive, bifocal or personalized glasses? Zenni is the place to get them. May be you want to write your name on both temples, or your girlfriend’s name or simply something you believe in. You can have them personalized for you. For a Zenni Optical promo code check here.

There are many sites that you will not get glasses being sold by the material they are made of. Well, we know very well that there are many people who react to the material used to make the glasses and have been left with ugly marks on the side of their face. I am sure you wouldn’t want to go through this Zenni optical offers you a chance to buy glasses made of a material that does not react with you. And if you are looking for glasses on sale, they discounts that go up to 50%.


FramesdirectThe end of a busy season is quickly approaching and a more chilled out season is setting in. You probably need to get a new set if reading glasses as you brace yourself for all the summer reading. Or perhaps, you plan on having more of outdoor activities and need to purchase sunglasses, then frames direct is the place to shop. You definitely want to look all trendy in the best brands there are; Dolce and Gabana, Burberry, Prada, Bolle, Versace, Gucci, just to name a few. And if it is your reading glasses, you can still have them in the same brand of your choice.

Frames direct pride itself in stocking over 250 brands in different styles and colors giving it 100,000 different styles to choose from Probably you do not feel like having glasses on or are going for a function or event where you would rather have contact lenses on Frames direct has a wide range variety of the different contact lenses you can get. It is simply a one stop shop for your eye care products.

This video shows how to find the measurements of your current frames so that you know what size to order online. If you purchase from their site don’t forget to use a framesdirect coupon.


VisiondirectHave you been looking for a site specialized in contact lenses? Well then you found it Vision direct is dedicated to selling contact lenses and other eye care products as pertains to that They also offer $50 eye examinations. This kind of a fee makes it possible for one to at least have a once in a year examination which is highly recommended. Besides, contacts they also sell sunglasses suited for those of us who prefer to have contact lenses on and a few assorted reading glasses.

Probably you are wondering how you will get a hold of some of their products while outside of the US. Vision direct has factored you in and sells to international customers, who pay via pay pal. Unfortunately the free shipping applies to those in the US only In order for you to purchase the contacts, you will need to have your prescription, your contact box and the name of your doctor. This will help in the processing and sending of the contacts to you


DiscountContactLensesDiscount contact lenses is also another site that specializes on selling contact lenses. They have stocked the different contact lens brands such as Acuvue, soft lens, extreme H2O’s, Dailies, pure vision and freshlook just to name a few. While it is stylish to buy specific brands, it is important to choose specific types. Discount contact lenses has different types of lenses such as, daily disposables, special effects, colored and tinted, 2-3months disposable, and bifocal just to name a few. To add to this, they have also worked on stocking some of the best manufactures, Johnson and Johnson, Cooper vision, Alcon, and Bausch + Lamb.

Keen and proper care of your contacts is important and that is why discount contact lenses has also stocked on other eye care products such as ultra-sonic cleaners, contact lens safe cosmetics, as well as red and dry eye treatments. On ordering you will be shipped for free within the US on ground shipping. Any other shipping method with the USA and any other country there will be a small fee charged. And lastly, you will want to ride on their coupon. Well, despite it having low prices, it has gone ahead and offered a good coupon deal. The coupons may be redeemed on new orders only and may not be combined with other coupons, sales or price matches.